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Large Sale on all Dolls

Many dolls are up to 50% off original price. You must inquire about discounts.

Greenware will be free at the shop in Montague, NJ with the purchase of other items (starting Dec 1, 2015) from Obe Originals at the shop.

We accept only Pay Pal Email with doll name, item code, manufacturer and size of the doll you are interested in.


  2. New molds are priced at a discounted price from Manufacturers.
  3. Used molds and blanks are discounted 50% from the 'new'  price.
  4. Shipping is via UPS ground at cost to your location.
  5. We double box, bubble wrap, etc.
  6. We use 2 sizes of outer boxes & the one chosen depends on size of order.  There may be a combination of sizes with multiple boxes.
  7. We have new & used molds and blanks in the following categories:  Antique Reproduction, Modern Artist dolls, Fashion dolls, Baby dolls, and Toddler dolls. List of Porcelain Doll Molds and List of Porcelain Doll Blanks.
  8. Male dolls,  all sizes & more.  You need to email me to ask me about your doll  choice.
  9. Pricing depends on size of doll, popularity, number available & condition.
  10. UPS charges depend on weight & your location etc.

General Inquiries


Porcelain Dolls

Dolls for Sale

Check out our Porcelain Doll Liquidation sale for significant discounts on mint condition dolls.

If you are interested in collecting dolls, but not finishing or making your own creation, then check out our Completed Dolls for Sale .

If you are interested in any of these items, please email me at .

Some finished dolls, composition bodies are left but are being sold at my shop in Montigue, NJ. Molds both new and used are sold on the website.

Grab Bags - Porcelain Blanks, Painted heads -Heads, body parts

Many of these are not marked. You choose size of head, category (Antique rep, Baby, child, Fashion, Modern, Manufacturer, Name of doll. We may have body parts to match heads. State the race or ethnic group. These are selling fast. Please email me at . I will let you know what is available and cost with shipping.

Replacement Painted Heads, Arms, Legs and Shoulder Plates

Do you have a porcelain doll that has been in the family for a while and is missing an arm or leg or the face is cracked and you want to have it fixed? We may be able to help you. We have a wide assortment of molds we can use to find the perfect match for your doll that we can use to help get your doll looking almost as good as new. Contact Us detailing the condition and make of your doll and we may be able to provide replacement parts.

Other Crafts

We no longer have custom-made hand bags, purses, and renaissance clothing. If you are interested in these items email: Email Look Crafts section of our gallery.

UG 003

UG 003

From August 1st 2014 - November 1st 2014 25% off on all items.

Looking for a particular doll?

Check out our gallery of completely finished dolls and arts and crafts for sale.

Effective July 1, 2014

Items may be picked up or purchased at Antiques, Collectibles, Crafts, and Gifts in Montague, NJ near the Milford Bridge to PA. Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. If purchased online use Pay Pal or if paid for at the site use cash

If you can't find what you are looking for, please email us and we can help you further with your search.

for Selection Help